Thank you for taking the time to peruse this site and learn a bit more about my company 360 Events. I often get asked, why event planning as a career choice? It’s a job, which involves huge responsibility, but it gives as much as it takes from you. I have found event planning to be a very fulfilling career, one which over the years has allowed me to meet new and exciting people, explore my creative side and learn a myriad of skills. Business is after all about human connections and quintessentially this is the business of events. It’s those face-to-face connections that allow us to gauge someone’s integrity and intentions through a simple handshake or a smile. Perhaps this is the reason I have always been drawn to this industry. Since  this is your virtual introduction to me and my company, here are the top 5 things I think you may be interested in knowing about my experience in the events industry- it’s some of the most frequently asked questions I have been asked throughout the years.

What are some skills I think are necessary for being an event planner? 
Resilience and adaptability- it’s that ‘go with the flow’ skill you will need to overcome challenges at an event. Maintaining that cool, calm and collected front for the client- while thinking quickly on your feet to manage those curve balls.
What’s ONE event tool that I can’t live without and why?
Without a doubt, my phone because I can access all my other tools and event apps right from there! After all- clipboards are so 1980’s!
What’s the largest event i’ve planned? 
An investment forum for over 1500 attendees, which was televised on BNN (Business News Network)
What is the most important asset when being an event planner? 
Besides being a good troubleshooter, staying calm and maintaining a professional demeanour when things go differently than planned, always expect the unexpected and try to be one step ahead.
What’s my event-planning motto?
“Good plans shape good decisions. That’s why good planning helps to make elusive dreams come true.” – Geoffrey Fisher.
The best moment is seeing the full picture – the excited faces of attendees, the satisfied sponsors, a happy client, incredible décor and food- it is the moment you see all of your planning and insights come together.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know a bit more about me. Now, let’s get started planning your next and best event!

About Candice Tulsieram

For over a decade Candice has worked with fortune 500 companies and non-profit organizations to plan and execute an array of corporate and social events in finance, travel, technology and the non-profit sector in Canada and the United States. While she has planned a few weddings — including one destination wedding in Barbados — her true passion lies in the fast-paced world of corporate event management. From small meetings to large corporate galas, she loves creating events that are specifically created to match their intent.

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